Scottish Terrier

The Scottish terrier is small in size only. Generally standing at around 10 inches in height and weighing between 18 and 22 pounds, it seems to be under the firm illusion that it is far larger in stature and displays the confidence and bravery expected of a Rottweiler. Perhaps it is this breed’s aristocratic appearance that has it fooled.


With a beard and eyebrows that were fashionable among the aristocrats of old, the Scottish terrier seems to adopt the appropriate dignified bearing. It also dresses accordingly, with a dense undercoat and an overcoat made of long, wiry fur in black, brindle or wheaten that often displays sprinklings of silver. Despite its incredibly short legs, this dog is heavy-boned and packs some formidable power into a compact body, with the deep bark to prove it.


The Scottish terrier is an independent adventurer that was originally bred as a hunter of smaller prey, and his vigorous digging up of a garden is an expression of this. It is also constantly ready to defend...

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