Energetic, loyal and intelligent, the Maltese makes the perfect companion dog. Small, and covered in a luxurious mane of silky white fur, the Maltese is a simply stunning dog breed, which is a popular pet. This breed is very affectionate and ideal for both first time dog owners and experienced dog owners.


The exact origins of the Maltese aren’t known. It is estimated that this breed first emerged around 6,000 B.C. It has been suggested that this breed, which is said to be descended from a Spitz type of dog, emerged from Asia, but the general consensus is that this dog originated in Malta. Throughout history, the Maltese has been popular with royalty all around the world.


The Maltese is a small dog breed, which is considered a toy dog. In the past, when the Maltese was slightly larger than its modern counterpart, the Maltese was used as a gun dog. Due to its small size, the Maltese is a very popular lapdog and companion dog. In fact, in the past, women use to carry...

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