Dumf And Galwy Enough Said Male

Dumf And Galwy Enough Said
Border Collie
Bred in:
Date of birth:
6. Sep 2006
Height / Weight:
not specified cm / not specified kg
Chip number:
Free registration
Pedigree number:
VDH/ZBrH BOC 10897
Breeders’ association:
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Working cert.:
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Health results:
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Hans Uwe Stubbe
Hans Uwe Stubbe
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WD-Health: Health results of Dumf And Galwy Enough Said

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+extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Grandver Master Copy (BOC)
  • 19. Mar 1998, KCSB 1614 CJ

  • Free registration
  • HD 6/6, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal

  • Bekkis Yldanach Fiain (BOC)
  • 2. Sep 2001

  • VDH/ZBrH 8156

  • Free registration

  • HD A, CEA clear at 6 weeks, eyes clear, CEA gen. normal

  • Bekkis Kitemark (BOC)
  • 23. Aug 1995,  KCSB 0644 CH

  • Free registration
  • 4/7, CEA normal, TNS normal

  • Bekkis Twilight (BOC)
  • 1. Feb 1999,  KCR Z1476401Z02

  • Free registration
  • HD 2/2, CEA normal, TNS normal


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