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Shadoway's Frosty Fun
  • Shadoway's Frosty Fun
  • 6. Jul 2010
  • VDH/ZBrH BOC 15353
  • Free registration
  • Border Collie
  • Sabine Witfeld
  • 53.00 cm /
  • HD - A und ED 0/0 freiMDR N/N (+/+) freiCEA, PRA, MPP und Kat.-frei mit 6 WochenVollzahniges S
Silver Dollar from Carolyn's home
Story Goes Shady Lady
  • Story Goes Shady Lady
  • 3. Sep 2003
  • FIN 42018/03
  • Free registration
  • Border Collie
  • HD B, ED 0, CEA CL TNS DNA normal
Madeleys Checkmate
Kyla blue from Carolyn's home
Nahrof Shadow of Mercy
Pikkupaimenen Cappuccina
Claygar Bootsy'n Snudge
Madeleys Hit The Rite Note
Clan-Abby NZ Carolyns Dylan
Llanrose Alice Band in Beesting
Glentress Show No Mercy
Wiralee Moon Shadow
Korella Voodoo Drummer
Borderfame Sheer Delight
From Borders Home Elegant Black
Tonkory Valley of the Storm
Highland Rose of Emma's Pride
Borderfame Heart n Soul ANKC 6100004766
Tonkory Porirua
Corinlea Rory
  • Corinlea Rory
  • 6. Oct 1992
  • KCR S4572801S04
  • Free registration
  • Border Collie
Miraje Miss Stake
Khayoz Soul Deep
Borderfame Token O Love
Beagold Mr. Lennox
Mobella Team Spirit At Tonkory
Viber Travelling Matt from Corinlea
Corinlea Rhani Comes To Ginnylands
Wizaland Loves Casanova
Loracian Black Velvet