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Red Rock Covert Affair
  • Red Rock Covert Affair
  • 14.09.2012
  • AKC RN24516701
  • Free registration
  • Parson Russell Terrier
  • 34.30 cm / 0.00 kg
  • PLL, LOA, SCA clear AEP.o.B, PL 0, AU o.B.
Rednock Shaggy
  • Rednock Shaggy
  • 30.06.2002
  • DKK 19780/2002
  • Free registration
  • Parson Russell Terrier
Red Rock Takin it Easy
Rednock Anew Jupiter
Rednock Cheeky Chazzy
Posey Canyon Take it in Stride
Posey Canyon Rocking Robin
Red The Nock Rusty Never The Last
Rednock Daisy Doc
Rednock Keep the Promise
Rednock Myown Marsha
Posey Canyon Storm Strider
Foxcatcher Full of Pimento
St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon
Fremonts Camella
Red Rock New Moon
  • Red Rock New Moon
  • 29.01.2010
  • AKC RN20287401
  • Free registration
  • Parson Russell Terrier
  • 33.00 cm / 0.00 kg
  • PLL, LOA, SCA clear, AEP o.B. PL 0, AU o.B.
Red Rock National Treasure
Red Rock Fall From Grace
Bayshore Bugsy Who
Red Rock Walkin After Midnight
Sunrock's Make My Day
Bowery Amazin Grace
Howlbeck Uno-Who
Suzan's Pride Ydole
Red Rock Texas Ranger
Posey Canyon Pick A Dilly
Posey Canyon's Sudden Impact
Bowery Queen of Swords
Bowery Blueprint
Zealous Bowery Brat