close extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 4th generation 5th generation
Brooksbid Country Classic
Hawkesmere Countryman at Danvalido
Grandver Ebony ‘N Ivory
Hawkesmere The Adjudicator
Sheerjoy Secret Date At Hawksmere
Monkfield Matador
Altricia Fliss Of Grandver
Melodor Flint At Dykebar
Sekwef Samantha At Hawkesmere
Fieldbank Professional
Sheerjoy Rhaiadr Lynn
Fieldbank Professional
Firelynx Mocha Of Monkfield
Melodor Flint At Dykebar
Border Queen Of Altricia
Croxlea Margaret At Laetare
Draisha Ruffin
  • Draisha Ruffin
  • 05.08.1988
  • KCSB 1650CB
  • Free registration
  • Border Collie
  • HD 3/3
Joamp Becky at Croxlea
Altricia Rosko of Terverley
Sacul Highland Nell of Draisha
Alpha at Beesting
Beesting Amy Narda At Joamp
Altricia Kev
Jessica Of Altricia
Whenway Hope of Corinlea
Mizanne the Tango
Clog ISDS 113013
Fly ISDS 102541
Don ISDS 134261
Ellencliff Moth